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Ringing True to Love

Years ago, Star Trek was science fiction. But

today you really can talk to Scottie from a

wireless hand held devise.


There's no doubt about it, other than desktop

computers and the internet, cell phones have had

a bigger impact on worldwide culture than any

other consumer product.


But like many consumer products, they're designed

not only to serve us, but also to please us. What

color do you want? How do you want your screen

saver to appear? And, most importantly, what do

you want your ring to sound like?


The cell phone ring has taken its place in our

culture. It's been the subject of movie scenes

and late night TV jokes. You can choose from so

many sounds and songs. It's just another way to

personalize your purchase. Once you set your

ring, it's really YOUR phone.


But what meaning does your cell phone ring have?

Is it just some crazy sound? A random song? Why

not give it meaning in your marriage?


Your assignment this week is to set your cell

phone ring to a song that is special to you and

your spouse. You can use the song from the first

dance at your wedding, or a more recent song that

you and your spouse consider "our song."

These days, you can download musical rings to

your cell phone online. In many cases, it's even



Yesterday, we were driving home from a 3 day

family vacation. We had 2 hours in the car so you

start to reach for ways to fill the time. I

decided to call my wife. You know, a talk charge.

The funny thing, of course, was that she was

sitting right next to me. But I thought it would

be fun. She'd see me reach for my cell phone, but

she'd have no idea who I was calling.


Shortly after I finished dialing, I heard her

cell phone ring. Before she even looked at her

phone she said, "You're calling me?"


I replied, "How did you know it was me?"


"Because of the ring," she said.


"You mean that song only plays when I call?" I



"That's right," my wife said, "That song plays

when you call and another song plays when anyone

else calls."

Wow. I had my own song. And, of course, it's one

of our favorites: You Lift Me Up by Josh Groban.


I don't know if that's a feature on the newer

phones only, but if possible, that's a great idea

too. Set your phone to ring with a special song

only when your spouse calls and another sound or

song when anyone else calls.


Imagine, every time your spouse calls your cell

phone you'll hear a love song. It's a nice touch.

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