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Marriage Problems Signs
That Require Immediate Help

If left unchecked, marriage problems signs can snowball and put a relationship in serious jeopardy.

This is why it is important for both partners to pay attention to what is going on in their marriage.

The rest of this article is going to describe some of the biggest, most blatant signs of marriage problems that I've seen over-and-over again in marriages.

Hopefully you can recognize these marriage problems signs and find a solution before it's too late!

Getting Toooo Comfortable

Getting comfortable is common within marriages, and in fact, a good thing.

But there is a point where things can get too comfortable and one or both spouses can begin to take things for granted.

This is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes married couple make.
Waiting Too Long To Seek Help!

Far too many couples end up angrily hashing things out in divorce court because they wait until it is far too late to get the counseling they need to solve marriage problems.

Marriage issues can be resolved, and the relationship can be completely transformed.

However, when couples do not recognize the marriage problems signs and work in tandem to restore their marriage, resentment will begin to build and spouses will gradually emotionally detach from one other.

Here are three clear signs that a marriage is in crisis and needs help:

The Lines of Communication Are Closed...

Communication is one of the most important ways to build a bond between two people.

If a person feels uncomfortable communicating with his or her spouse, this clearly shows a lack of trust.

No marriage can survive if there are communication or trust issues in a marriage.

If either spouse is defensive, dismisses the other person's feelings, shows contempt for the other's beliefs, this is a marriage at risk, and the erosion of healthy conflict resolution is well underway.

It will take a lot of effort to save your marriage from this point on.

One Spouse Feels As If They Are The Only One Working On The Marriage...

If one spouse feels that the other really does not care about the health of the relationship, then that spouse can become frustrated and even depressed.

Spouses in this situation will often reach a point where they no longer care either, and they end up distancing themselves from the marriage as well.

This one of the more dangerous marriage problems signs that can require a solution like marriage classes, or marital counseling, because both spouses run the risk of shutting down altogether as the marriage becomes more and more miserable.

There Is Very Little Physical Intimacy Or None At All...

It is normal for all marriages to go through times when intimacy falls low on the list of priorities, especially after a new baby has arrived or when there are children to take care of.

Sometimes one spouse wants sex only to find that their partner does not or is often too tired.

A marriage that lacks sexual intimacy or affection is a marriage that is headed down a path to destruction and requires marriage therapy to help with fixing your marriage.

Sexual intimacy is what differentiates couples as being married rather than just being good friends.

While it is important to communicate and enjoy non-sexual activities together, a healthy sexual relationship is imperative to the long-term success of any marriage.

A stagnant sex life can lead do complicated issues down the road such as infidelity.

When facing any of these marriage problems signs, it is not necessary to suffer in silence.

Marriage therapy or counseling can heal a marriage and teach couples new techniques for relating well with one-another, that will help their marriage survive.

So Who Should I Turn To?

There are many programs and marriage counselors who offer ways to improve marriages and help fix problems between spouses.

But, if you are looking for a program that really works, and is recognized nationally, choose Mort Fertel's Marriage Max.

This program is helping save my marriage...

"I would certainly recommend this program to others. My husband moved out of our home 3 days prior to our 8th wedding anniversary. Even though I went through the lone ranger Marriage Fitness program, my husband and I are now seeing each other three times a week and talking to each other daily.

Using a slow and steady pace I am implementing new behaviours that are demonstrating to my husband commitment, sincerity and consistency. I am taking this day by day. It is hard but this program has helped me… This support has been invaluable! Thank you!"

Lisa Willhelm, Columbus, OH

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