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Marriage Problems Advice

There are troubled marriages that end needlessly because couples are ashamed to seek the help of a trained marriage counselor for marriage problems advice!

Don't let that be YOU!

Many marriages could have been saved had advice been sought early in the cycle before conflicts became out of control and permanent.

This article discusses a marriage problems advice process that WORKS. Believe me, I've been through this a million times.

Recognize Marriage Problems Early

Like cancer, emotional and psychological problems spread.

If left alone for too long, small problems can spread to larger areas that cause irreparable damage to the relationship.

Marriages are saved when both people recognize the problems early, before it's too late.

Couples seek out help from many sources when problems arise.

Keep Your Friends Close, But A Therapist Even Closer

Friends care but they simply don't know how to handle serious marriage problems like infidelity, lack of trust, addictive behaviors, or sexlessness.

Though they can be comforting they JUST don't have the expertise of a really good marriage counselor.

In the worst situation, a wife might make the unfortunate decision to ask a best friend for marriage problems advice, and the result is that the friend gives emotionally-involved subjective, unprofessional advice that is often only what her friend wants to hear.

A marriage therapist provides the kind of objective, expert point of view that can truly help a marriage survive even the most severe kinds of damage.

This counselor might combine individual marriage therapy with group therapy or advise the couple to take classes in areas that might improve your marriage.

The counselor can help a marriage in ways that no friend can.

Objective Mediatiation Is Key

A qualified counselor is a mediator.

In heated discussions between couples, the counselor knows how to gently direct the clients away from anger and toward a more reasonable, productive form of interaction.

The marriage problems advice offered by marriage counseling is helpful in a way that friendly advice is not.

Over time the counselor functions as a mediator who teaches both parties how to listen to one another.

Guidance Makes Sure You Stay On The Path

A counselor guides the direction of marital conversations in ways that the couple could not otherwise do.

Couples lack the expertise of the counslor, but they also lack the emotional distance to see a problem from an objective point of view.

The counselor is trained to guide the session to places that help clients learn about themselves and their spouse.

They can reveal marriage problems solutions, activities the couple can do together to strengthen the marriage, or ways that couples can forgive one another for the pain of the past.

The professional marriage problems advice offered by the counselor can often mend what at first seemed like a hopeless wound.

This is only a brief overview of how marriage counselors can help save marriages that are damaged.

If a couple sincerely wants to stay together and recover the love that initiated the marriage in the first place, a trained counselor is their best chance.

It is okay to receive marriage problems advice from friends and family, but none of those people have the expertise to guide a damaged marriage back to a healthy and happy state of being.

So Who Should I Turn To?

There are many programs and marriage counselors who offer ways to improve marriages and help fix problems between spouses.

But, if you are looking for a program that really works, and is recognized nationally, choose my program: Marriage Max.

Over the past decade I've helped literally THOUSANDS of couples re-discover the intimacy in their relationships.

Let me help you.

Mort Fertel's program really works...

"After seeing Mort Fertel on an NBC special about marriage problems, I became interested about Mort's product. My husband and I had been having rough times and were on the verge of separation.

After seeing the special on TV, I went to the Marriage Max website and order Mort Fertel's Marriage Fitness Program. I'm so glad I did!

After completing the program, my husband and I were able to find our difference and work through our problem areas. Soon, we had brought back the passion that was present in the beginning of our marriage. I recommend Mort Fertel's program to anyone facing difficulties in their marriage!"

Beth Miller, Baltimore, MD

Take The First Step Toward Fixing Your Marriage Problems!

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SECURE & CONFIDENTIAL I will never share or sell your information. Your privacy is important to me.
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