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Being Healthy Together


As you know, one of the keys to a successful

marriage is moving from ME to WE. In part, that

means SHARING.


You know what's HEALTHY for couples to share? A



When I say "diet," I don't necessarily mean

losing weight. It could be that you (or your

spouse) have to go on a diet to gain weight.


Body weight is not only important for your

health; it's also important for your marriage.

Body weight affects your sex drive and self

esteem, both of which have an enormous impact on

your relationship with your spouse.


Bobby and Nikole Lee from Albion, MI lost a

combined 225 pounds over the past 2 years. 

For them it was "save marriage" work. Now

that's moving from ME to WE. That's sharing a

common purpose. It's all good: good for their

health, good for their marriage, good for their

self esteem, good for their sex life, etc.


One study revealed that people who lost 12% of

their body weight felt more sexually attractive

and had a higher sex drive. Another survey showed

that 38% of men said the reason for their lack of

interest in their wife sexually was that she had

gained a significant amount of weight.


America is generally an unhealthy. About 66% of

Americans are considered overweight or obese.

This weight gain usually occurs after marriage,

during a couples child bearing years when stress

from work, kids, the house, etc reach a peak.


Sometimes the problem becomes circular. In other

words, when people gain weight they feel

depressed. And what do people do when they feel

depressed? They eat! And they watch TV, and

sleep, and do many other things that contribute

to their weight problem.


Sometimes a person will take it personally when

their spouse gains weight. They interpret weight

gain as a sign that their spouse doesn't think

it's important to look attractive for them. And,

of course, the opposite can be true too. When one

spouse makes it a priority to get into shape, the

other spouse may feel good if they sense that one

of the motivations was to please them.


What about you? What about your

spouse? How's your weight? Are you too heavy? Or

do you need to bulk up a bit? What I'd like you

to do is talk to your spouse about whether or not

the two of you might tackle this together. You

could plan together, set goals together, food

shop together, and succeed together!


My wife and I recently decided to eliminate meat

during our weekday diet (we still eat some meat

on the weekends).


Whether it's losing weight or gaining weight,

please consider (and ask your spouse to consider)

adjusting your diet. I don't know if I would call it a

"save marriage" strategy, but it might be good nonetheless.


A word of caution: don't go to your spouse and

accuse them of being fat. Don't pressure them to

go on a diet. First, take personal

responsibility. Make your commitment FIRST. Then,

INVITE your spouse to join you. And when you do,

express yourself emphasizing your interest in

this being a marital activity. And, emphasize

your concern for their HEALTH not their weight or

appearance. The truth is that weight and

appearance are only meaningful to the extent that

they reflect a person's health.


I hope this week's exercise leads to an improved

state of health for you, your spouse, and most

importantly, your save marriage efforts.


Mort Fertel

Author & Founder of Marriage Fitness,

The Save Marriage Expert

A revolutionary program for saving your marriage.




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SECURE & CONFIDENTIAL I will never share or sell your information. Your privacy is important to me.
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