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Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel

Speaking services for meeting planners, corporations, organizations, and non-profits.

Mort FertelWhen you hire Mort Fertel, you get it all—an electrifying presentation and groundbreaking content. His presentations are an incredible blend of message and magic. One minute your audience’s heart will be pounding, and the next their mind will be in deep thought. Mort Fertel has that rare ability to communicate profound ideas in a user-friendly way—and entertain everyone at the same time. He’s warm, confident, high-energy, and approachable.

Mort Fertel offers a wide variety of speaking services from keynote speaches to full-day seminars. Each program is customized to meet the needs of your group. The length, content, and mix of lecture/workshop/Q&A are determined based on your group’s needs.

Mort Fertel is an ideal speaker for almost any audience. His topic, Marriage Fitness, is germane for all adults who are either married or who intend to be married. His personal odyssey which includes Wall Street, world travels, and a struggle for success in his own marriage make him easily relatable to a wide variety of people.

Mort Fertel is easy to work with, flexible, highly professional, and determined that your event be a success. He’s an ideal speaker for:

  • Special Events
  • Executive Education
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Conferences
  • Retreats
  • Non-profit Programs
  • Professional Meetings


Each presentation is tailored to suite your schedule and customized for your event. The following program formats are available:

  • 15 minute power talk
  • 30 minute keynote
  • 50 minute program
  • 3 hour seminar experience
  • Marriage Fitness Day (call or email for more information)
  • Marriage Fitness Week (call or email for more information)

Click here to view video sample of Mort Fertel.

For more information or to schedule speaking services, please call 410.764.1552 or email speakingservices@marriagemax.com

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