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Marriage Fitness with Mort Fertel


Topic 1


Here's a road map to SUCCESS for YOUR relationship.

•  Learn the secret to marital bliss

•  Discover 3 simple easy-to-implement techniques for improving your relationship

•  Get a top shape “marriage fitness” plan

In this electrifying presentation, Mort Fertel delivers groundbreaking content with a magical style. You'll be inspired, entertained, and walk away with an indelible message that will improve your marriage forever.

Topic 2


Mort FertelMost people don't concentrate on their marriage until they're forced to confront their problems. But that's like ignoring your body until you're sick. Just as proper diet and exercise strengthen you physically; there are lifestyle strategies that can strengthen your marriage. This seminar teaches you fundamental principles of marriage health and wellness AND practical “take home” marriage fitness exercises to strengthen your relationship.


This seminar will not only benefit your marriage; it will impact your entire life. Your marriage is your primary relationship and the foundation for everything in your life. This seminar will help you build your marriage, and that will make you a better parent, a more productive professional, and a more positive contributor to your community.


This seminar will:

  • Increase your awareness about the importance of marriage health and wellness.
  • Offer you at least 2 confidential marriage health and wellness assessments.
  • Teach you at least one guiding principle of marriage health and wellness that will empower you to connect with your spouse everyday.
  • Train you to implement at least 3 marriage fitness exercises that will strengthen your marriage.
  • Show you how to transform your marital problems from issues that divide you to issues that connect you.
  • Guide you to deeper intimacy with your spouse through shared interests.
  • Inspire you to learn more about marriage health and wellness.
  • Challenge you to change the world by transforming your marriage.

Value to participants: This seminar offers an inspiring and exciting vision of marriage and a clear step-by-step system for achieving it. You will gain an appreciation for the impact that a marriage fitness program can have on your marriage and your entire life. You will get a quantitative assessment of your marriage fitness and a tangible action plan for improving it. In addition to several clear messages and a check-list of “exercises” to do, you will also realize how much there is to learn about marriage health and wellness and how crucial learning it is to your fulfillment in life.

Topic 3


You will see “aha” in the faces of the audience as Mort Fertel reveals the central idea behind the revolutionary system of Marriage Fitness. Based on his groundbreaking book, Marriage Fintess, Mort Fertel answers some of the deepest mysteries about love. Why do we fall in love? Why does the euphoria fade? How can we hold-on to that unparalleled experience? Your group will get solid answers to age-old questions.

This exciting presentation begins by clearly conveying that there is nothing more important in marriage—or in life—than building love with your spouse. Fixing problems, improving communication, understanding each other better, and other areas of your life— it all pales in comparison to the quantum effect of creating love with your spouse. Love is the most powerful transformative force in life. Everyone present will learn this, understand it, remember it forever, and be inspired to strengthen the love in their marriage.

But what really is love? After explaining its importance, Mort Fertel continues by offering a user-friendly answer to one of the most complex questions in history. As is often the case with answers to difficult questions, everyone in your group will be surprised by the simple truth about love. And the answer not only demystifies love, but, most importantly, it gives everyone in your group piercing insight into the true identify of their spouse and the core of their relationship.

Mort Fertel shows your group not how to find their soul mate, but how to become soul mates with the person they found. Until now, no one has ever organized an exercise program for building love. In this highly practical presentation, Mort Fertel lays out his revolutionary MarriageMax™ 4-Step Plan for building a phenomenal marriage. Your group will learn how to “make” love with their clothes on.

The content, length, and format of each program described above can be modified to meet the needs of your group. Other topics are available too. For more information, call 410.764.1552 or email speakingservices@marriagemax.com.

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